Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ch.. Ch.. Change

Some times one needs a little change in life. Some times one needs to do things oneself. Some times one needs Frogzilla!

Recently I got a bit bored of fixing bugs in the iPhone game I'd been working on for months - while I still intend to fix it, I thought: "What better time could there be to develop a game called 'Frogzilla'?" 

Allow me to hype this one a little bit:

If you feel a lingering dissatisfaction with life, a sense of purposelessness, lack of pride or self-esteem, Frogzilla will be for you.

Frogzilla whitens shirts better than the next leading brand. Frogzilla contains no calories and is recommended by GPs as part of a balanced and healthy diet. Frogzilla has no known side effects and will make you a more potent, a more powerful, a more irresistible man, woman or child.

Frogzilla charted as the highest grossing movie, video game and non-fiction book in all of the places you regard as cool and/or cutting edge. Frogzilla is endorsed by individuals you respect and Frogzilla is supported by 5 years of double blind scientific testing. Frogzilla has been nominated for 14 academy awards, the Pulitzer Prize and a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. 

Frogzilla is proven to add 5 years and 3 months to your life expectancy, reduce the early onset of wrinkles and make your children more attractive. Frogzilla will fill your friends and family with envy.
Thirteen major faiths, science and astrology all predicted the coming of Frogzilla. Frogzilla validates you and proves that you and only you truly matter. Frogzilla respects you for who you are. 

Frogzilla comes in Home and Pro versions. Frogzilla Home comes with a slimmer, more attractive, more attentive spouse who understands you and cares for your needs. Frogzilla Pro provides protection against all future financial crises, civil unrest and acts of terrorism at home or abroad. 

Frogzilla will debut for 59p on the app store July 21st.